The Unique Car Club is an organization for Cadillac enthusiasts originating in Southern California.  Our club was founded in 2006 by Honorary Members Calvin Jones, Tony Hiller, and Kevin McCray.  The club is open to owners and prospective owners of Cadillac vehicles with no restriction on modifications.  The club consists of general members, officers, and a Board of Directors.  All officers and all of the Board must be members in good standing.  Members are required to pay dues annually and are expected to participate in meetings and events.  The Unique Car Club is governed by Club “By Laws“. 


The Unique Car Club promotes “Driving Your Cadillac: Get It Out of the Garage.”  Members are individuals interested in enjoying their Cadillac and participating in road trips, car shows and other events. Members who maintain and restore their cars are encouraged to share and help each other.


The Unique Car Club has been designated by the IRS as a public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3). Our club is exempt from taxes. Members and donors may deduct contributions to the extent allowed by law.  Our Tax ID # = 46-2205453.  For more information, see IRS Approval.


 Founding Father Calvin Jones

About Us Calvin Jones

“My name is Calvin and I’m addicted to classic Cadillac cars.” Since 1995 I have
owned, or been possessed by, over 100 Cadillacs – mostly 50s & 60s model years.  I found cars in backyards & alleys. My first Cadillac was a 54 2-door hardtop, followed by a 55 Coupe DeVille, then a 54 Series 62 Convertible. My most recent acquisition is a 60 Eldorado Seville that was purchased new by a Beverly Hills doctor. Being a student of history, this 60 Eldorado transports me to an era where ladies wore white gloves, young girls wore Poodle skirts, and meals were served and eaten at the dining room table without any electronic devices.

Founding Father “Cadillac Tony”

About Us Tony Hiller

Tony Hiller began his love affair in 1983 with a 47 Cadillac Convertible.
This first car was shown in local shows, then upgraded to professional
standards in 1999 and won Best of Show, followed with Best Convertible
in the Beverly Hills show. Tony has restored many cars, including a 48 Conv,
49 Coupe DeVille, 53 Conv, 58 Eldorado Biarritz, & 56 Continental Mark II.
Tony founded Unique Car Club with Calvin Jones and Kevin McCray in 2006,
and Tony is an active member attending general meetings and events.

Founding Father Kevin McCray

About Us Kevin McCray

Kevin McCray is passionate about convertibles. Pictured above is his first Cadillac, a beautiful 58 Eldo Biarritz. Kevin owns a variety of makes & models, including a complete set of Gen 2 55 – 57 Bel Air convertibles. Kevin was on a photo shoot with his 58 T-Bird, known as “Elvira’s Thunderbird”. Tony Hiller introduced himself and suggested Kevin begin with Cadillacs. Kevin suggested Cadillac Tony and Calvin begin looking at convertibles. Kevin had started the “South Bay Classic Car Show” in Carson, and suggested they form a car club serving LA County and specializing in Cadillacs. Kevin recommended the name “Unique Car Club”, and we were born.


Unique Car Club – P.O. Box 951 – Redondo Beach, CA 90277
310-462-2789 (mobile)

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